Is there any update news?/ beta advice?

Hey i read the forums alot but never signed up but today decided to become a member lmao

Any news on when to expect the new update? I mean im on beta and i want to leave but i got told if i leave before the update is released i wont be able to get on? Is this true? What if i went to sign in on a iphone would that corrupt my game? As im contemplating getting the new iphone.


If your account is on Beta it has the 11.0 update and ios devices are on 10.0.1, so you would not be able to recover your account to your new Iphone until android and Ios are on same version of the game. Sit tight and once the update goes live, then get your new phone. Leave your account on iOs and you wont have to be worried about being locked by Beta anymore

Also: turn off automatic updates on your device

It’s also advisable to sign off from Beta, just in case you log in on your android device.

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