Is there any toon like Kate?


Is there any other toon on the game that gives focus to all team members like 5 star Kate does?


Kate 7 chars


Red Maggie 5* tutor version


Kirkman Edition Zeke


Faction assault Conner… to bad his almost more impossible to get than even Tara, considering you have to be doing t4 fa to even have a chance at the gear to get him… would have been a monster back in the 5* era


Anyone have a picture of the red maggie


Sucks because I use to have her. Got Huge AP bonus on attack first craft too. Pam as well. Got Gov though.


U cant beat Kate. Healing 50% atk buff and focus to all. To top that off she got tenacity so she cant be one shotted in the 6* world.


I prefer using focus active skills like red Hersh or red andrea


Kate pops round 2, you can give absolute damage and she has tenacity, she buffs heals and gives focus to everyone for 2 turns. I don’t think there’s any 6* that active gives focus to all for 2 turns. She rarely dies and is the star of beating shields with ease.


answering the question in the title…
there’s no mo though, like my ho ho ho katy’o


Why do we care about 5* with focus?


Care to show the team you use with her in it??


6* version that comes close is Yvette. Not for all toons though.



Kate starts to really shine when theres an AP bonus tower in war


That is the EXACT team I used for taking down Erika-Magna teams.


I still like using Monica sometimes. Maybe not quite as good as Kate though.


Kate is a really unique 5*. She really fits in a Rick/Priya team. Focus, heal is great.


Mods made certain 5s relevant again, especially Kate with focus to bypass shields