Is there any museum collection redemption's with the beads or the Yin Collectables?

Some players have completed the Zhu collection, some are using the raid yangs but many of us have lots of beads and yins, the roadmap giving 750 gold tokens, brady and 20 gold ascend tokens arent really worth the effort, will there be another museum collection to use these on instead?

Yins are collected throughout the roadmap but once the collection is finished they do not get counted anywhere


Aren’t there a couple in the museum now, ah wait wow you have extra Yings

Going the same was as the useless plushies me thinks

Or just stop being an over achiever lol.

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That’s a particularly redundant sentence

im not even super active, i farm alot, i dont always take first in many events … its just scopely’s way of delivering items for collections, if you run it properly, maybe coin purchase a few in the shop from tapjoy vids etc you can get a bit of a push … rinse and repeat and youve finished earlier than you expect to have done … then youre left with yins from prayer bead roadmap, beads also … then what do you do with them?

simple question

these items should all have a place, if there is a currency to obtain them then there should be a digital output for overlaid quantities thereafter

Agree. My mini acct is a level 60 with 7k rep, and gets matched against the top fac non stop for raids (no joke I’ve messaged support before it’s ridiculous- it sees more higher ranking players than I do and I’m rank 50). So basically I don’t raid often on it.

Because of this I’ve got a tonne of beads and yins but barely any of the yangs because I can do milestones but i cannot raid efficiently. It would be nice to have something to do with them as i decided not to go for the stash at all.

How about the usual idea of converting them all in to SD points at a fraction of the value so we can keep saving towards that much needed 4* alert eugene

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