Is there any hope for change?


I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but honestly what’s the point anymore? I’ve been playing this game since the release, and it’s a constant struggle to try and get things done anymore to improve. I even said, the hell with it, I’m moving to a different region to try and stay interested in the game, and now I can’t even progress because it’s impossible to obtain a fing beanie! I hate to see this game die after being so invested in a once magnificent release. So can anyone tell me, when is something going to change!? The only “decent” thing that we have to look forward to is obtaining wood chips. But what’s the point ,when I can’t even get the gear to t4 my 5s! Or even obtain enough 5s to make a 6! This game has gone to a snails pace, and I, along with many others, cannot stand to participate any longer. When I hear “taking it to the team” I really hear, “I’m going to take a dump and play candy crush”. Stop with the handouts of false hope and fix the problems.


Seriously how do you not have enough Beanies? There were roadmaps after roadmaps giving them away. Your team doesn’t even have to be that strong to get them. My walker team has two 4* on it yet I still just hit auto complete and go and do something else for a few minutes. With a bit of hard work most of us should be able to collect enough woodchips for some decent gear. We need more gear but these collections are a big step in the right direction. I have my 6th 6* and Joshua is almost ready to be number 7 - this I do as a F2P player. I feel much more positive now than I have for months.


I’m taking about starting in a new region. There isn’t enough world energy to make it to that point. I have a max of 30 energy at level 28. Its 16 to do one stage. It’s not a problem of getting through the levels, it’s have the energy to do so. It’s a pain to do with my main account at level 118.


I’ve just recently started up again in my old region. (Hadn’t played much there for 7/8 months ) just out of sheer boredom, but realising now it’s probably going to be impossible with the lack of medals/trainers and fodder. I couldn’t imagine what a new region must be like.