Is there any future plan for this?


So most likely everyone has like 10 million supply depot points by now.
Are we going to have new options to spend our supply depot points on stuffs & thangs? (considering the veteran players)
I can imagine new players don’t have 10 million supply depot points.

Almost 10 million.
(just in case, I know it’s not literally 10 million, but I like exaggerating stuffs & thangs) <- this is for the players


Dead feature. Like most things in this game.


Shouldn’t be tho :confused:
It would be nice to have updated features.

We’ve clamored for more frequent updates since it was released. They just don’t care.

In its 2.5 years (or however long) of existance it has been updated only 2 or 3 times.

Yeah, unfortunately, still I had to try :confused:

last time they updated it they flooded it with 5stars that arent accendable and made it harder to get the ones that are to show up in the rotation, and i also feel its harder to get world/raid cans since that update as usualy theres a 3 or 4star in that slot instead.

a nice update would be some of the non accendable 5stars be removed, more older 5star accendables be put in and biggest change, reduce the timer by half, having it refresh twice a week instead of once a week would be realy nice change

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And perhaps removing 3*s would be nice too (people can get these from basic tokens anyways)


Does that 3* Doug not entice you? I would buy him in a heartbeat.

“Fuck Doug” - Freddy


hmmm, buy 3* Doug, so i can sell 3* Doug at a loss in investment… nah could probly live without 3stars in the depot… honestly not a bad idea seeing they already removed 3stars from the premier wheel

Another thing they could have added to that lame subscription service they tried to run by people. Add 2 more slots to that depo that sell can refills only.

But that free crafting parts feature is so much sweeter

It’s nuts they have 3* characters and 5* trainers in there. It would be great to have 6* in there. Even if they are expensive, at least having something to save and work for would be nice.

Mind you this is one of the few games I know that has the need for a lot of depots.
Counting leagues it’s like … 5? So don’t expect updates to come often…or at all.

Only thing I care about are world and raid cans. Meh

This post needs a different title.
Kinda tired of same old crap too man…

They need to stop doing this. to use. I hope they revamp this game

7 days is just to much time , I think a daily refresh will be one step in the right way .


Leading with “everyone has infinite amount of this unused resource” isn’t going to encourage no-free-stuff-scopely anytime soon

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daily refresh or add a new row of more expensive more worth while stuff

for a while buying benedicts was not too bad
but now you see benedict everywhere.

They should add spray paints ideally that’s 1 minor item that never gets old :stuck_out_tongue:

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