Is there an updated list of new servers anywhere?

Is there? I’m looking into starting a new region for fun and casual play but obviously don’t want to find myself at too huge a disadvantage. If there isn’t, can anybody tell me what the newest servers are?

Nope their isn’t. They don’t say when the servers open at least the brand new ones. Plus if you try and flip accounts they soft target your IP and tie your device down so you need to root your android phone and spoof it.

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What do you mean by flipping accounts? I can join any open server with just one account by design

Flipping accounts is essentially just wiping your data and cache from your android device and reloading the game which starts a fresh account but now scopely soft target your IP and device so you gotta be handy with rooting your device.

Checked the servers for you chester is the newest.


Ah, thanks. I would never do that as I still want to play my main server and have put a lot of time and money into it. For a true second aount I could still use my old phone if I wanted. Being able to use the daily pull from the Survivors Club just gave me the idea that I could start on a young server for fun.
And thanks for looking up the servers :slight_smile:

Hey bud no problem hope I’ve been some help take care.

Are you sure you can have second accounts? Lady geek posted a screenshot of the t&cs when I asked a similar question.


I mean, it’s a second phone, so technically it could belong to anyone. Not using it anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. Taking care of one account takes enough time already, lol

If that was true some people I know be banned straight away. People got different phones and they got family man chill out.

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The t&cs don’t actually say you can only have one account per person. They talk about only one account per device which is properly supported.

That said, I am not a lawyer…

You may have only one account per game on a properly supported device.

That does not say per person. It says you can only have one account on each device.

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They still can’t proof it is your account. People DO live together and thus share IPs. They can at max suspect it, if one account is blatantly supporting the other…

For example?
I don’t think they will get access to things like payment data from google, which also would require for you to spend on both accounts, much less will they get access from the provider to the name associated with the phone number.

You can only link one FB acount per game account. If you try to link the same account to another device/account it will de-link it from the other, erasing your saves. -> Won’t work.

You can only use one google play acount per device. -> Won’t work.

Payment information is going to google, not to them, and I doubt google is legally allowed to give it out to them. At least not without any reason like a defaulting cc payment (and even then I’m not sure if it wasn’t google who would go for that money).

IP is still the fastest and easiest to check.
You make it sound like checking the IP is somehow hard or time intensive but it really isn’t. At all. It is the fastest and easiest way to check for double accounts, which is why it is used frequently, but it is not at all foolproof because of what I stated before.

What if I use a proxy or VPN? Flawed logic

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Was just about to respond saying similar.

I transfer device several times a day, when I am at work I appear to be in the US despite being in the UK.

IP addressing is a flawed identifier and always has been.

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If you don’t happen to have a really unique name, names are at least as ambiguous as IPs. Also, you would be stupid using two accounts with the same name when trying to make a fake account which isn’t allowed per the TOS.

Only if you actually do that. Which again, would be stupid if you want to make a fake acount.

No. It isn’t.

Your IP is sent every single time you connect to any kind of server. All you have to do is to check the server logs, which is easily done automatically. The app doesn’t have to be written to check for it. And even if it had to, which again, it doesn’t, it would be a quick and easy one time thing to do and the sensible thing to do anyway.

Sorry, but at this point I can only assume you’re either clueless or just a troll and I won’t reply to you any further.

As I said, it isn’t foolproof. It still is the most widely used exactly because it is so easy. Nobody claimed it WAS foolproof or impossible to fool Scopely when using a fake account.

Whilst correct this wouldn’t work for multiple reasons…

Dynamic Addressing
VPN/Proxy usage
Wifi Hotspots

And a plethora of other more technical reasons I won’t go into length here about.

There is a reason most courts do not recognise IP address as enough of a valid identifier in Copyright infingement cases

Now something tied to a combo of HWID/IP and locale could 100% work - would also need scopely to be competent

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