Is there a way to automate friendly duels?

Correct. What I explained was a way to automate it without violating the TOS. It does not use an automation feature of an emulator and it does not depend on the emulator. This works even with a phone, but requires slightly more programming.

Automating key presses with code is against the ToS regardless of where it’s run.


Alright thanks.
Feel free to close this thread.
It’s gotten out of hand.

Please read the TOS carefully and don’t spread false information. The TOS only forbids third party code. If you write the code yourself, it is obviously not third party.

It also prohibits creating the code.


Yes, it prohibits creating third party code. It does not prohibit first or second party code.

Third party code in this instance would refer to any code not part of the app ecosystem.

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  • Create, use, offer, promote, advertise, make available, and/or distribute exploits, cheats, bots, software, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third party code or software that can be used to interfere with, alter or modify our Services, or that can be used in conjunction with our Services.

You cannot create and/or distribute any bots, software, hacks, mods OR any unauthorized third party code. NONE of these are allowed. It’s against ToS to automate gameplay.

Closing this at OP’s request, regardless.