Is there a way to automate friendly duels?

Just wondering if it was possible.

Yes it is,but its against TOS

As long as you dont use an emulator or a PC… They are not supported by the TOS.

Emulators are ok. Show me which part of the TOS you misunderstood and I’ll try to help you

Even if an emulator was against the TOS, using a PC with Android as OS cannot be forbidden.

He is correct, emulators aren’t banned but they’re not supported either

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No, he is not

but they were if he was correct and using an emulator was against the TOS

that only means that the person at the technical support does not help you if you have a problem

So they’re… not supported. You can’t steal my sentence and re-use it as your own. Tut tut tut


scratching head feeling dumb :sweat_smile:

I think you’re the one who doesn’t understand the TOS. Maybe when you’re older and all grown up you will get it :+1:

Listen boy: just show us which part you mean.

Troll off coming. The original forum troll vs the young pretender.

Somebody pass me the popcorn please :popcorn:


Chill out woman, read the TOS like a big girl and then come back here. Im not going to hold your hand and read it to you.

I’m neither young nor do i pretend to be a troll

Who are you talking to? I’m a man, not a woman.

I read it and I understood it, not like you

RIP this thread lol


You sound like a little girl…

Clearly not… but continue living in denial, im done here

You are not.

You said using a PC violates the TOS. Here are some PCs running Android:

Now tell us, why you think the TOS forbidds to use those PCs

No answer for almost half an hour means that you admit to be wrong and that you know that I’m right. Just as I expected. lol

Using an emulator to play the game in a non-automated manner is tolerated but not supported. Using any automation features of the emulator is against ToS.