Is there a war guide?

Before someone says it, yes I searched the forum for “war guide” and looked through dozens of posts. Saw one post that said “it’s in the war guide” but no link to an actual war guide.

Does a current war guide exist?

Some particular questions I’m trying to have answered:

  1. What’s the difference (in scoring and rewards, etc.) between fleeing a battle vs. losing a battle (all camps destroyed)? Yes I also searched for fleeing in war and many other search terms and couldn’t find an answer.

  2. In general what are the scoring differences between winning a war and losing one (are there certain points that aren’t granted if you didn’t win the war)?

  3. Possibly related to the above, what is the difference between the orange points and the green points in the war scoreboard?

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Here’s a partial guide by some awesome bloke. Click the link as there’s some details with numbers too.:

This too:

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Whether you flee or your toons all die is the same score which is 200 I think, just for trying.
If a faction wins the battle by destroying all camps they get 7k bonus faction points.
If a faction wins by outscoring the other faction at the end of the timer I think this is 4k bonus faction points.
You get the most individual points (yellow number) by beating an opponent with all 5 standing. You also get bonus points for being in a tower but I don’t recall if it goes to faction score or individual score.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a readily available current complete guide to scoring on anything in this game. This would be something to mention in those surveys that occasionally pop up.

Best of luck figuring it out :butterfly:

Thanks guys. This is helpful. Still one remaining question (and the most important one for me):

What are the differences in scoring and rewards for retreating a war vs. losing (all camps destroyed), if any. I wasn’t clear when I said “fleeing a battle” I meant retreating the entire war. D’oh! Do you and your faction still get the full points currently on the war board or is there some point penalty for retreating a battle vs. just losing it? Also are there differences in the rewards you get (battle chest or whatever)?


Nevermind. I think I found the answer. Sure helps if you search the correct terms (retreating in war instead of fleeing in war which is an individual battle). Once again, duh. Thanks!

Sounds like someone I know :muscle:

You get 100 for a loss +20 per toon dead at the time you flee. So max 180, because if you killed 5 it wouldn’t be a loss…

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