Is there a turkey famine?


So I got lots of corn but no turkey, that’s going to be one lame meal?

Are Turkeys meant to drop like it says in the message or not :S

Feast or famine event

They’re dropping, just rarely. I hope Act II drops :turkey: instead of :corn:, but that’s probably not happening.


I personally thought they should have named this roadmap

“Famine or MORE famine”


Mine are so rare there extinct lol. With drop lead ally and territory too :cry:


I’m using scavenger tokens and getting corn drops every time. It looks like turkeys will be the limiting reagent. :woman_shrugging:


Of course they’re not dropping, if they were nobody would buy that stupid offer. Everything they say is bullshit at this stage, money is there number one aim as always.


Does anyone have a michonne head-turkey meme?


No michone but there is a glenn



I see that the level up milestones gives you enough to be 100 short. Lol…


Someone other than @kalishane is watching what’s said on this forum, either that or it’s a major coincidence, 10 mins after I made my comment I went back to the game played one level and out comes 75 turkey pieces, funny that, first time they dropped for me.


Still have not had a single Turkey drop it is getting silly now!


Post it again Locky, I too just got the extra 75…


Lemme try this trick also here’s my stash until now

Fingers crossed back to grinding


Nope …didn’t work


How who you been giving a cheeky wristy too to get that kind of drop rate :wink: