Is there a tough Dr. Stevens


Im just wondering because i was going through the weapon wheel and sall that dr. Stevens had a sniper rifle but i dont remember there being a tough Dr. Stevens 5*, is there one in the game im just overlooking or is this just another weapon they were pushing out for ppl to buy?


No, he’s not real. Same reason there’s a 3* Darius’ Pistol but no red Darius. Just goofy naming decisions.


Thanks i had a feeling about that.


Yes, but its only for P2P. ^_~


No, another Random Weapon name, like @MrDeadman metioned Darius Gun. There are also
Magarets Knife (Fast) with a playable Red, Blue and Green Variant or Mitchells SMG with a playable
Green Variant or the best ones are Theo’s Knife or John’s Shotgun, characters who haven’t even got
a Toon yet and probalbly never will get one since making new characters without a backstory is so
much easier, ain’t I’m right Scipely?


John has a 1* green. :slight_smile:


They should make a 6* yellow Magaret and Red Darius.


I’ve never understood why Darius is so underrepresented in this game. You’ve got him, Garrett and Mirabelle as the three main story mode characters yet we only have one 5★ Darius and multiple versions of the others


But we have 3* green Darius!!! Lol


ikr. It’s not fair and also micheal Jr only has a 3* he was a main character kinda.


I meant John from the story. That Guy who could die in Sewer and hadn’t much dialogue


No, Please not another Magaret. There are 2 Legacy Options. Darius on the other side should really get a
6*, he really deserved it, but I would prefer a Green 6* and maybe a Red 4* being a Revive.


Yeah, but there obviously don’t care. Look at Brock who’s also a Main Character started at Stage 16 and still
he only has a 2*, same with Emma or even York as side Baddie.


We could use a new York.


Would be happy with a 6* dr steavens tho…right?


As long as its S.R. Dr. Stevens…


Gabe was on load screen for long time only that crap 3*


Things just don’t make senses like that have like 30 ricks. A bunch of Jesus but a bunch of others 1 verison




Like they would ever make a legacy into an ascendable. It’s not like they have a set list of ascendables to make or anything…