Is there a toon in your team that you find is more likely to be attacked first?

Is there a toon in your team that you find is more likely to be attacked first by enemy fighters in raids, and why does this happen? (Mine just happen to be strong characters like Ivanova and Willie)

Depends on the weapon on them I think. Once I added abs def green weapon to Ivan. She not attacked as much.


Used to be Diego would get whomped turn 1 every time. I haven’t noticed this in a while though. Maybe since I beefed him up



Why are you using diego still lol

Because he works


The AI (artificial intelligence) make the toons always attack the weakest one in the front or that one with trait advantage. Almost defense teams have tough/blue toons, so if you run a a alert/red fighter in your attack team he will be the first target.


I still use Kate too :stuck_out_tongue:

Doc Stevens because of his turn one taunt to 3


True. If we’re discussing “enemy” as the AI (artificial incompetence), then they usually hit the weakest/trait disadvantaged first, but they’re unpredictably stupid.

I run alert Magna on my offense team (protecting my team T1 with stun/focus, boosting atk T2) and of course she’s hit if she’s defending, but I noticed that if she’s stunned, enemy blues are randomly hitting her, Christa or Pete, not primarily Christa as I would have assumed as she (and Priya lead) are the weakest ones on terms of HP/Def.

If enemy Priya or Princess get AR maxed (with Magna normalized or stunned/taunted) they typically hit the Christa/Magna line, but also center Priya much more often than the Princess/Pete line (luckily for me).


Erin gets gets targeted even before my 6* Slater does on my attack team.

My shield does because the games mechanics still gangbang 1 character all the time against my teams. So I make the character my shield.

Thanks scropely

Not always. I have Pete and Raulito, but the AI always goes after the Priya lead. Strangely, an opposing Priya ALWAYS goes after my Pete first, even with a juicy Raulito just begging for it.

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So far in my experience since they changed the ai a few months ago, it’s usually the character with the least defense or who the enemy toon can deal the most damage to.

In my experience it’s been James who will almost always die first

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