Is there a single redeeming quality for survival road?

Let’s be real here. The rewards are crap. The difficulty is beyond ridiculous both in the enemy stats and the team requirements. The leaderboard means nothing.

Can anyone make a case for the daily road to not be completely overhauled?


Farm survival markers to buy plat mods.

That’s not to say rewards for daily SR rewards can’t be improved, but you’re asking for a redeeming quality.


Daily 500 tickets for FA - a feature that needs a massive overhaul as well, btw

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In my opinion the last update they did that adjusted all the survival token prices and road difficulty ruined that.

I used to farm the road every day and exchange tokens. My collection rate is so low now that I don’t even bother

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I agree here too. The current rate really slows down the faction assault frequency and I can’t really rationalize a reason for their being a cap.

Remove the daily assault ticket cap. At this point beating negan isn’t even a big deal.

It is mostly useful for me when I am close to going up a level. I used all of my world energy and I am at 1% or 0%. Really the only time I do them. Free XP lol

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Decent amount of food, wood and SR tokens for plat mods (as mentioned above) for very little RL energy as you just tap auto whilst watching a show/adverts. Also needed for that 1 daily mission.
It’s dull as dishwater and I often go weeks without doing it as I cba but it’s better to have it than not have it.

Does it need upgrading? Yes


Agree… once you got the right kind of roster and weapons, you can clear the daily SR whenever you have better things to do and only need to tap the phone once in a couple minutes…

More of a chore than something to entertain you (that’s why we play the game, after all - or not?), but as a part of the daily grind is not more difficult or more boring than watching 3 videos…

And not all dishwashers are dull! Take these two for example…

For straight ladies and queer men

Apparently, somebody finds a photo of a shirtless man offensive to flag my post. Photo removed

For straight men and queer ladies

Apparently, somebody finds a photo of a fully clothed woman (not in a lascive pose either) offensive to flag my post. Photo removed

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I don’t understand the last part… :thinking:

That guy has too many clothes on…

Mean the wiping cloth over his shoulder? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

y’all must have killer toons because my green and yellow toons are pathetic. I pretty much get stopped at whatever stage first decides I can only use green and yellow.

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Green and yellow is usually one of my strongest. Walkers: ivanova, aarav, henygen, mike, green gabe revive.
People same but ditch mike for laopo or daiyu

Is there a single redeeming quality for survival road?


  • Rewards are severely lacking
  • Requires too much time micromanagement or use of costly cans to avoid that during tournaments
  • Constantly having to swap out toons and weapons nearly every single stage
  • The only real challenge is making sure to check for reflect/payback before hitting auto to avoid cheap deaths
  • It’s boring. I would rather watch paint dry then continue to participate in another SR.

i never do survival road

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You can kill a line with just him but add angel or ivonnas trauma (it stacks right?) With headhunter toons, maybe throw some bleed in there… think hes a pretty solid toon for what seems like a pretty obtainable character. The obvious downside is the gear to make two six stars. With that said youd probably be t4ing 5*s anyways for lvl up points and to me it’s essentially rewarding me for something I’d probably do anyway since his card is so weird. Might not make my main attack team but I can see it absolutely being helpful when facing certain set ups.

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Honestly they’re pushing out more f2p stuff than I’ve ever seen them do. I think it will at least lead to more team diversity. I’m staying cautiously optimistic about the new war towers and what not. Hoping it will make a wider range of toons viable. I feel like I’m constantly facing different configurations of the same ten toons. It’s boring.

Carl, Solange, Moira, (Guardian 2) Ivanova (all 4 stun weapon), Lee (AP down weapon), AP down mods. Simple 6* only F2P team that can beat most green human stages on auto, and almost all if you manual it.

Walkers: Abe, G2 Ivanova, double 5* camo Michonne, any toon really (Solange is alright). I’m usually too lazy to search for the Michonnes, but with them it’s really easy.

Aarav is basically the modern day version of cheat codes when doing SRs


I don’t bother unless it’s a requirement now, takes way to long

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