Is there a recruitment thread?

Haven’t been on the forums in ages. But I am potentially looking for a new faction. Been in the #1 faction in current and prior to transfers. Am looking for for faction that is consistently top 3, that focuses on war, fa, territories then other faction events. Want relative stability and low drama, lol. Would like a region that shares crits territories either by calling out or taking and placing a single easy team.

Now about me. LVL 150, spends (way too much sometimes), I grind a lot for lvling. Am low key and have decent toons. Except the last 3 new toons have a majority. Sometimes rl gets in the way of war but I will have more time now. Just looking at options and seeing the responses I receive

Thanks in advance

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This works, faction bb is prob best bet. What time zone are you?

Whats your line? might be able to help you out. I’m from Randolph region

USA EST time zone

It’s davidwd2u

By top 3, do you mean in region events or in CRW?

Top 3 in region if the region is competitive. Would prefer not to be somewhere where a single faction just dominates and controls everything. My previous faction was top 3 that would normally get 2nd and occasionally 1st for region. I guess for wars looking for a faction that is not always waiting to fill with a mix of players in different time zones

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