Is there a post here to recruit folks for transfers?

Some of you may know me from my posts here. I know the game Extremely well. But we don’t take this game seriously and laugh and joke mostly. My faction is very active too. All we ask is you let us know when you are busy. In fact I encourage my folks to have a life outside of the game. Sady i am stuck on a legal * farm where i live and work as security, so i do NOTHING all day, and i don’t even smoke * or drink lol

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Just to let you know also Edgefield is full of talkers and very active and laid back people. Some of our factions do well in CRW. My faction usually scores 3rd sometimes 2nd in faction events. There is crit agreement. Many lower defense for raid tournament. Nearly everyone on GC laughs and jokes and most go on GC after a war and congratulate for a good game. Message me if interested. Free samples from my farm if you join my faction. J/K lol

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