Is there a point in leveling koa ar or active


i don’t think so it kind of crap for both just self healing


If you don’t have a heal on your team, his ar can be good.


i have as the team lead


Then I don’t really see a reason to.


carl lead with kelly, koa, Romanov and shiva what do u think of that team


I honestly think Romanov would be better on attack but besides that it sounds good.


What other melee do you have besides Romanov?


I leveled his AR, but not active. I didn’t at first, but had noticed other Koas I attacked would almost die, then he healed himself starting the process all over. That coupled with an AP down weapon on him has seemed to keep him up long enough to charge my other defenders AR.


Sandy, Vincent, yellow Negan, Viktor, Maggie, Garret, Shiva, and Connor along with a Carl Abraham and Javier and Gator i need to ascend.
For blue i have Abraham Kenny Lee and Garret,
for red i have wander, Lori, Lucas, Gov neut along with a Rosita, Mirabelle ,and second gov as 5 stars


I Would give Maggie a try, and throw some mods on her if you haven’t already, I usually whipe Rom T1 when he’s on a Defense


Maggie is a waste of a spot in my opinion. She is a toon you can completely ignore until the end and by then it’s auto time.

Romanov on the other hand will kill a bunch of toons if you let him go off. Especially if attacked by a team favoring blues.

I do like the idea of ap down on koa as suggested. You will have to hit the shield if you can’t bypass him so why not make them lose ap as well. Can really buy time for Romanov and shiva to pounce.


can a shield be commaned to use it active


Don’t see why not. He then won’t be able to shield on defense though. Instead, I would use his active first then command him and then defend so he puts the shield up.

Remember the ai is dumb and on defense it’s nowhere near smart enough to do this. Since you said you have a healer I wouldn’t bother with his active. You want him to shield every turn.


that works too if only his atcive was slightly better


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