Is there a new nugget event on the horizon?

@kalishane is there any plans for a new nugget event?

Has Live Ops said something?

If there isn’t any new nugget event planned, could you please leak something about the next event after this one (Legendary tokens)?


Why a nugget event? Why not something like severed heads for Alpha, football jerseys for Ty, barbed wire for Negan, and etc.? Even more, why a collection event? I know some people didn’t like it and would prefer collection but I would favor another stash for the trainers.


he refers to the system of events, and most of us do not care about the shape and color of the pixels

yes. i like the idea so 12 heads Oliva, Amber <3, Carson, Ken, Oscar, Rosita <3, Zeke, Larry, Josh,Erin, Tammy, and Luke

that be fun maybe we could a beta,alpha,new lydia as rewards

yes and hopefully they can have a red Lydia

or a yellow (at least i would prefer) but does not matter if they would put it in something like a wheel or collection choice

The leaked Lydia was yellow and was marked as medic. I would absolutely love to have Lydia.

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