Is there a new characters you would like to see in the future?



Prestige Michonne, make her awesome
Cooper, just cause
Magna (red shield), bc she was awesome as a 5*
Caroline, bc she deserves it


I like the Caroline one, it would be hilarious to see her become the best medic in the game.


I would love to see Heath command and bonnie ascendable they would be interesting


A yellow Morgan decap.


What do you mean? We already have glenn


Heath could be the gen 2 command version of Glenn or Kelly and bonnie would be interesting as I believe she could be the first attack and defence buff leader


6 star Yellow christa


With I had her she has avoided me for so long


My first five star (red Rick with 76 ap, he heals & crit and damage buff plus gets rid of some penalties).
I loved that toon and he looks cool too


Id like my 1st 5* too its blue Richard for me…also all “ties that bind” toons


Yeah I would love my first ever 5* toon to be ascendable which was ties that behind red kenny followed after Tripp then my third was hold the line duane


Red Kenny.Green Kenny any Kenny.But more red kenny



she would be cool and of course she needs a special gun like doctors use.


Maybe like a defibrillator that maims enemies for 100 health. And gives 30%HP and 15%DEF


Gen 2 Decap


yes that would be pretty cool.


Make him ascendable!!!
Christmas Rick already became ascendable , so it’s Christmas Negan’s turn!!!


Cookie throwing carol

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