Is there a multi-regional chat room?


Just wondering. I’d love to get this started if there isn’t. A real-time forums like on LINE or something…is this already in place?


There is a global line group, can’t remember what it’s called though.

I left the chat because there are soooooooo many people in it to can’t keep up with the conversation, every morning I’d wake up to 999+ messages.


That’s the kinda shit I love. If you remember it or someone in it that can shoot me a holler on LINE, let me know. LINE ID = Razielo53


I like the idea! Add me as well please (assuming there is one still running)

LINE ID: osavage


The one I’m in is called /r/TWDRoadToSurvival. It’s down to 155 people though, not sure if there are any other groups.