Is there a list of asendables available in the supply depot?

I’m at 55k depot points finally, and I’d like to get a decent ascendable.
The Governor is currently in mine atm, but he’s shit.

Gov is pretty sweet, that’s a lot of impair.

Anyway, look at the first table here:

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Yeah, after looking at the list, Gov might be the best :confused:

Nah, man, he’s not the best. None are much use in attack/defense teams now, but Eric is the closest. Next tier (usable on roadmaps or SR - somewhat in order) would be Yvette, Hershel, Kenny, Dwight, Glenn, Mira, Gator, Gov, Lori, Wandy. Then there’s the ‘only use this until you get something better’ tier - Jeremiah, Connor, Joshua, Duane, Sandy, Carl, Aaron, Negan, Andrea, Maggie, Tyreese. Finally, the ‘if you use gear on this guy I will hunt you down to explain again just how bad he is’ tier - Eugene.

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I think you’re underrating Jeremiah and Andrea a bit - Jeremiah’s def down is one of the largest in the game and hits three. I’ve been playing around with him recently, and have been quite impressed. Andrea (and several others from the second tier) was very decent during last words, as she allowed me to continue doing somewhat alright ranged teams for another five entries or so to grab letters and points in Endurance. Duane also deserves a bump one tier up, He’s the best 6* yellow crit lead, and especially good in mixed stages in SR - stun three can be key, and the def down allows you to take out an opponent very quickly.

Priya makes Andrea obsolete, hence the ‘only use until you get something better’. Same with Red Hershel - you won’t ever use Jeremiah again once you have Hershel.

I actually wavered on Duane, as he is my crit lead for SR and probably belongs on the ‘useful for SR’ list. But, I bumped him down a tier because I haven’t found him useful enough to spend T4 gear on him. Then again, I haven’t spent T4 gear on Yvette or Kenny either :smiley:

well there’s Eric the wanderer jerimiah and douglas

no not Douglas tough andrea lead

Hershel does an attack debuff, jermiah does a defense debuff. Depending on the teams those could vastly differ in their usage

I use red Hershel and Jeremiah on the same team, have seen the combo allow 6* Priya hit (unbuffed) Sclass characters for upward of 15k damage on a single hit of her rush. Def down and attack up are not really exchangable; if I replace Jeremiah it’ll probaby be Dale once he’s T3, but that one is much harder to get (and the buff is much lower, although the much better active should make up for it).

(and ‘ever again’ is a bit questionable now that endurance arenas exist, which was one of my points - they’ll be useful for a while even if you have the replacement to farm arena drops)

[ETA] No tier 4 gear for my Duane either lol

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True. I will probably wait for Eric then. He’s ok.

Anyone seen Larry show up since they did the update for it? I always wanted him for collection purposes but he was always locked behind the last slot.

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