Is there 0 roadmap or not?


Title says all…


Nope :frowning:



You’re not the boss of me nooooooooooooow and your not so big, life is unfairrrrrrrrrrrfrrr


Keyboard stuck?


Love that show!


There MIGHT be one final one is the last thing I believe was mentioned. Vk just posted the next upcoming map though and it sure isn’t the zero energy one. They didn’t post that supposed “make up” Dwight’s rifle part roadmap either so it’s a toss up.


Well there is hope


@kalishane any update on this?


All 3 of my rifle parts road maps are gone. Plenty of space now for the 0 nrg rm unless something else is planned for that space…


Yes no more map but red plastic pieces will be included as milestones and rewards for coming events


Plenty of space now Shane, whats your excuse?