Is the turkey Map still Farmable?

I know that the turkey map isn’t dropping nearly as many trainers as when it was bugging, but does it still drop trainers when you replay?

yes, you can get all the trainers as before just not in the same quantity

i have gotten:
2* Burt, Lilith, Uly, All the colours for 5* Trainers and 6* trainers too
3* Brady
4* Basil
5* Benedict

Generally its 2 x trainers or 3x trainers, BUT many of the times you need to have 2 large drop leaders fighting for better results

good luck

So then, It’s better to wait until close to the end of the event so that you have a stockpile of wood, right?

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Yep defo

yes, i farmed it this morning

Plenty of burts, bradys and basils, but only 1 lilith, uylsess and bene

I just got my first turkey. I’ve got enough wood to run the map 36 times. Can someone comment on the length of the stages? I’d hate to run out with 5-10 minutes left. 36 times would be running it every 50 seconds. If they’re multiple stages that might be alright. If they’re single stage they won’t take NEARLY that long to clear.

The last stage is 4 rounds . In 30 mins i was able to use all 29 fac supports , about 5/6 with no extra and around 30 tokens . Used all my wood scraps though .
I got around 120 xp toons total , virtually all 2*/3*/4* one bene / one lilith
And FYI you still get trainers even if your roster is maxed :slight_smile:

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Did you see any benefit to farming the last stage? I would assume there would be one?

And I’m sorry, dumb question. What do you mean by 30 tokens?

There isnt, trainer drops are same all stages, its just longer.

First time i farmed last stage, used about 300-400 wood.

2nd time, did first stage, used 800-900

I wish you’d posted that before I ran it :wink: (I’ll adjust it I get a 2nd)
I was working on the gear roadmaps theory where the last 2 states drop crates and hoping
Tokens = Salvage tokens
You can re-run any stage you 3* using one

Awesome! Thanks guys. It never would have occurred to me that you could use the salvage tokens for this. And I see I’d better save up a couple days more wood to get my value out of that turkey :slight_smile:

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