Is the Trader unstoppable?

Thanks for taking the time to explain it. Its a pretty good team but not unstoppable, it ended up winning maybe around 50-60% vs some def teams. And when it does win it takes more than 1 minute and loses a few toons, especially to defending traders. As is it is not ideal for war or even raid event, priya teams will still have higher win rate with faster resolution times.

But thanks i will tinker around with it and see how it can be improved. So far tho, i havent found any ‘unbreakable’ application for trader, not really commensurate with all the hype we get


Having two Traders and going against Jacki is asking for infection in your team though. Up to two toons can die T3, but since you’d activate wangfa’s heal reduction in T2, you could still survive well enough.

As pointed out, I see only manual battle benefit from this line up, auto will most likely screw you big time. You can win, but most likely with casualties…

No problem. It will definitely be slower than a quick AR team which doesn’t make it ideal for top faction wars, but I can’t see it possibly being a lower win ratio when all of the ideal weapons and mods are in place. Defending Traders are definitely going to be an issue - but that just goes to show further that Trader is the issue.
I don’t think a Trader attack should ever be put on auto though due to the fact that such a team will take more turns and therefore will have more chance of not making the ideal moves. Trader will be all about the right application of the AS to the right toons.

Aye I agree with the auto part. The fact that Jacki def lead could make you infect your own team is a concern but you are only looking at a 12.5% chance that a non-trader toon will be infected by hitting one of your own traders (50% chance of hitting your own team x 50% chance of it being a trader they hit x 50% chance of the weapon activating) whilst a trader infecting the other trader will be a 1.6% chance of being infected (50% chance to fail confuse resist x 50% chance of hitting your own team x 25% chance of it being concernthe other trader they hit x 50% chance of the weapon activating x 50% chance to fail infection resist). So whilst it’s a concern it’s not a great concern.

Confused toons do not use their active, they perform a regular attack. So as long as your team doesn’t hit their own trader and his weapon proc, should be ok

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Aye I think that is what @YSpammer was referring to - other toons activating your own Traders weapon. But the probability of that happening to an individual toon isn’t exceptionally high. The chance that none of any of the 5 toons activating it if there were no confuse resists is 65.7%.

Not unstoppable, but highly difficult to deal with cleanly and efficiently.


I was trying Mercer Wangfa Trader Doc Princess but against rampage it sucks

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