Is the s-class Mercer a scam?

Shows he is up for grabs in the wheel but no odds, tho everything else like level up for example counts s-class as 6* still. If he isnt in the wheel that is gonna be an issue for scopely, if he is in the wheel i cant wait to see a team of 5 Mercers and he is up for 2 weeks.

Scopely: How much stun do you want?
Mercer: Yes.


he is 100% in the wheel


I’m sure someone from my faction will post shortly


Lol can also confirm. He’s in there :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

You excited for a team of 5 s-class Mercers?

That flee button is going to get worn out.

This is the problem with the shard system. Most players are just getting Pete… he’s now dead lol

WOC sounds like fun with a team of Mercers lol get those plat stun resist mods

Don’t worry. Plenty of time to bring out stronger toons


I dont think they would make a scam out of this , if someone discovers that they did not put him in there they are 100% getting sued And probably loose a lot of money.

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Nah i dont think anyone in this community would ever sue scopely tbh


What country are they from?

I ran into a dude in arena (wasn’t drafts) who had 2 petes. (It is possible to get 3 petes. Only if dropped bank on pulls)

Yup, the one you will need to keep your eye on the most will be released a week before WoC.


Only possible to get 2 s-class Petes legitimate

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Definitely this! That toon will be insane!

One from 11k, One from him in wheel. (I wish mercer was f2p) It be nice to have a op as shit f2p toon. Now raven is f2p (She’s in war wheel making it a easier to get) but even the good f2p toons are hard to get (Mercer and tobin were in that limited war wheel) I didn’t neither. I just got a kal. Even tho if a toon is in a wheel you not guarantee to get it.

May I dm you.

What toon are we talking about here?

Him and princess combo oof good bye Pete and any other read for that matter hell I am even more pleased I picked James over Christa now she is going to get destroyed she is pointless having on a defence team now

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