Is the RNG in RTS the real problem lately?

If you had this toon, the 1000% dmg and 50% bonus HP would almost certainly never activate for you… :’(

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It’s always been the problem with the game.

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i used to love solo level ups. would constantly be saving for them and then waiting to see what toon was gonna be up for first, second and third place. it used to be fun if you wanted say 2nd place toon to stay 1 point behind the person in first place lol

Now its just meh and theres not really much point trying


im tired of people starting new games on my region, saying welcome and showing ascendables on “first” pulls… like come on scopely, we know you manipulate rng to make new people get better ods to spend more, then rob people of good pulls with higher levels, giving them worse ods. youre deceving people that everyone have same ods for the same money. if one would check your manipulation you would be singing along with akon “im locked up”…


Toon rewards for the top players in solo events need to be brought back again. These top rewards should be premiers from a few months ago (outclassed by the latest premiers but still useful and worth competing for.)

This would make the tournaments worthwhile competing in with more players buying cans/offers to try to win. The present rewards are usually not worth the time/effort/resources.

F2P and small spenders also have the chance to win and improve their roster by hoarding sufficient resources over time.

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When you have players winning first place and getting 5 chances of RNG Bags and then getting less than 1k on 3 separate bags and another player who didnt log on until the last hour and maybe do 6 raids or level up about 500k renown points, get 1 bag and hit 10k on 1 single bag then YES, that is a problem

im all for propping people up fast but the one thing the summer beach balls event taught me is DONT BOTHER competing once again

i used to go nuts in raids back in the day, score 16k etc, level ups i was and usually still am top 5 each event but these days im learning, i get no difference just doing last milestone and finishing right there

actually thats a lie, i still get worst rewards


You have an 8% weapon!? RNGeesus was smiling down upon your gaming soul. I’ll get my 1st one when they sell them for :money_with_wings:. LMAO

It’s almost unusable. Failed twice to get Huge bonus to AP (个_个)

The rng is also the fun in the game. Dont missread me now. RNG is needed to increase the excitment in getting a good toon or good reward. With only static rewards would be less players here frankly. The odds is stupid not the RNG

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where is the excitment when you do a 40 pull and get only 4☆ and 5☆


Thats the bad odds not the bad rng

Perfect capture of the present state of this slot machine… I mean game.

Make museum collections and everyone can convert his reward tokens and choose the toon he needs most. Reward toons need to be premier quality toons. Each toon has a different token requirement. Reward tokens in milestones not rank (to avoid widening the gap) and people can grind and get toons even if they finish 25th in CRW.

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Another perfect capture of the present state of this game. I contend it’s what they want. They’re not stupid.

In my opinion, it would be better if instead of “roulette” was “stash”…

  1. Doubles are excluded.
  2. There is excitement.
  3. As a result, you get all the characters from the stash and it changes to a new one…
    Just my opinion… :nerd_face:
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izi to solve, maybe giving a box with a random of X item (yep, if missions can do it why not a select reward) and a totaly rng to other players
edit: obviously based on scorboard

Hell no, it’s A¢¢ount ¢ode based and I’m not one of the “Lucky” ones.

Fook no!!! This is some of the dirtiest shite they’ve ever pulled on us! If I bust my arse off in a event I deserve a reward NOT a chance at one! I want to know what kind of halfwit thought this up.

Nope! Like many ppl I got totally screwed by this RNG Hell, again, just like in pathways.
Which is total horseshite, I took 25th to 10th in every solo event and 3rd to 4th in every faction event and I was 5k short to get Ivanovna and 8k or away from get any other toon.
And no I refuse to spend anything whether it’s in-game currency or not, bc I refuse to be part of the problem and #PlayersUnited

Great Video btw :+1::+1:

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RNG definitely is a b*tch. I put like 60k into last levelup to land top 1k at least. Got 1000 token.

The only toon I already had. :joy: But that’s not the point.

Point is I put in minimal effort and hit the jackpot while others go all in, land top 10 and get 800 chihuahua plushies.

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