Is the new update due midweek?


Does the 14.0 update go live this week? Or is it delayed?


im on kindle and it just downloaded update


On Amazon Store the update was applied, so Im searching for the release notes but no luck



@JB.Scopely is the rumours of update true? Is it available tomorrow?


I assume the update will come on Thursday cos it will give reason for them to complain about problems and glitches and postpone war


It’s live now. I just downloaded it.


Looks as if android is getting more of the roll out, nothing on my iOS yet


I still haven’t gotten this update and I’m on android.


Nothing on android


Why when there is an update do they always release it during the war week? You know they are going to cancel it on us because when have they released an update without breaking the game?

Fingers crossed that I’m wrong and for once things so smoothly. :crossed_fingers:


Are leagues showing up for anyone who has gotten the update?


Scopely is mad at us for calling them out on the tokens debacle and they are releasing an update midweek before war which they have said in the past they avoid… I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancel war on us.


The release this week is intentional. It was announced last week.


Is it out now for everyone @LadyGeek im just wondering for some faction mates :slight_smile:


I’m aware. They’ve also said before they try to avoid releasing an update before war and usually wait until the Monday after. So here’s hoping it goes smooth. Hopefully they released it early enough in the week to avoid and issues.


For anyone that has the update is there a new faction assault tier ?


No, there is the same difficult levels on Faction assault. Also the upgrade is live on Amazon appls


wrong! 100% wrong


Well I’ve got it.