Is the new gearmap coming back today

Dose anybody know if the new gearmap is coming back later need beanies :+1:

Should be. Mon-Fri

Thank you :blush:

Was supposed to be back yesterday. :frowning:

Yep, I wrote the support and there missunderstand me 3 times. It’s hopeless

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Hopefully they got rid of it because it sucked!


It only sucked if it replaced what already existed.

It was never confirmed whether or not the original maps were getting replaced completely or if they would run simultaneously. At least, I don’t remember seeing an official post saying the new maps were replacing the old.

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It just popped up awesome … thanks @kalishane

It’s up for 21 hours and change? WTH?

Not up in Cleburne. :frowning:

Edit: nvm - 22 hours here

I’ve made a thread asking and it’s been asked several hundred tImes no answer. Which in scope world that means it’s worse possible answer. Has anyone answered the take away of world cans in war yet? Haven’t been able to find it.

It has not. There was no post over the weekend from a member of the Dev team.