Is the lack of drops intentional?

Just curious, if it was intentional, why? Did someone honestly believe this change to drops will be more beneficial to players? If they did, they need to be re-evaluated asap. I’ve been trying my best to see some sort of logic as to why this change was implemented, but sadly I’m at a loss. It’s almost like Scopely wants to put us in a position where we’ll be forced to buy the gear that we’d normally be able to farm…



Maybe your just getting what everyone else gets 99% of the time, no extra drops.

Erm, you pretty much get extra drops every round on the regular roadmaps. Maybe not bags and radios, but you almost always get the stage gear to drop again if you do it manually, and it even drops with the bronze tokens.


They decided we needed even more rng…

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I have a bad feeling we’re going to see more non-6* gearbags as tournament rewards and milestones, but I’ll reserve judgement until I know we aren’t getting the original format roadmaps in addition to the new one.

Yes soon enough it’ll be not just RNG to RNG, they are going to make it RNG to RNG to RNG to RNG to RNG. They’ll like their super RNG so much they add it to the game opening you’ll RNG to see if it’ll play.


If it wasn’t intentional you wouldn’t be able to get “mystery bags”

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if this is the future surely this will demolish our ability to tier up random 5 stars.

the 16 gas is a huge let down compared to regularly getting double items per stage.

it’s like they want to make gear the rewards we all want…
And make it hard to get…

We had this problem long ago before they made walkies and talkies drop from ultra gear.

Many people complained about being stuck not able to level properly.

Then we had gear coming everywhere.

It’s bad enough 6 star gear is rare as crap.
i’m not really interested in having my 5 stars nerfed :S


lol this is so true !

They already did something along these lines with characters like armory crate drop Glenn, and the world crate drop Morgan:

Chance at pulling the character–> chance at getting the crate–> chance at getting a usable item–> chance at an armory outcome which is usable (in the case of Glenn)

The game is a recursively defined RNG algorithm.