Is the International Space Station Real?


Is it in space? Or somewhere on earth?

2 minute video on Green screen of the ISS:

  • The International Space Station is in Space
  • The International Space Station is on Earth

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If the ISS was real, Meowsalot would have knocked it out of orbit by now. All Hail World Cat.



Not sure about the space station but this place is right here on earth and I heard that someone around here likes pancakes.


Someone? Who doesn’t like pancakes?




I think you mean my daughter, here is an example.


And you spent time writing that but didnt vote


Your daughter and I have a similar approach to pancakes.



Level up’s stink. We got war this weekend. Life is too short. Enjoy it.


Athena looks like she means business. Too cute :grinning:
(hope I got her name right. Love when she drops in on your vids)


I voted to say the space station is in space but I must clarify this statement/vote. This is the space station I’m re"purring" too.

This is is what orbits around Meowsalot:



Haha yes it’s Athena, Thanks! She REALLY likes making videos, she will literally go find my tripod and bring it to me :joy: But yeah, she always uses utensils to eat… but she got one taste of that pancake and her eyes grew 5 sizes lmao