Is The gold nugget event the Christmas event?

@kalishane said the winter event starts on the 14th,has a wheel,has daily collections/challenges.

While the nugget event starts on the 12thz

@kalishane any words of wisdom?

She also said it has to do with the 12 days of christmas… and the nugget event is 19 days…
But probably yes, another shit gear collection grind

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Probably the same.

Knox still looks cool as shit though…there’s that I guess.

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I still use Knox. They appeared to miscalculate that event and slipped in a final raid tourney as I recall.

@kalishane the Gold nugget event isn’t the Christmas event right?

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On the other side, MechWarrior Online-aF2P game with serious “pay us cash” overtones- has a 12 days of Christmas event in which most of the rewards take one or two matches (about 15 minutes) and they give just significant enough rewards to make you feel like you are getting something without them giving away the store.

Every day the reward is about the same as 200 or so coins in this game plus some of the “for sale” decorations that you probably wouldn’t waste actual cash on, but they are still neat to see in your cockpit none-the-less.

THIS is how an event is done.

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For some reason, I just call this the “chicken nugget event”… I like chicken nuggets, but I am not a fanatic, am I?!

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It would be awful if it is. All them new too s that get shot in a wheel to regain some interest, be a shame if xmas event was another gear event