Is the game taking longer or is it my phonr

So, my load times are increasing, use to load in about 5-8 seconds now takes 10-12. And even combat seems slower, 3x speed seems little better than original 1x, 1x speed appears slow.
I have a 3 1/2 year old iPhone 6 with oringinal battery at a healthy 68% peak performance. So is all the updates or my phone the slow down

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This has been overwritten.

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68 percent is good, you don’t throw away your car because it used up 32% of its warranty do you? You don’t take people out to pasture because they have 68% of their life left.
Battery life is a misconception. A 24vdc 53 amp/hr. Battery can still start a PT-6 turboprop motor just fine around 68% peak performance. The amps are still there, now the capacity may be lower, but output is still the same.

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It’s not just you. I noticed just last night that it’s taking twice as long for me to log in to the game, at least on my iPhone.

Scopely will say its you, your phone, your connection, you didnt buy all their offers so thata why its slow, etc

We all know damn well its these updates, the game is crashing more, taking longer to load, etc. I dont think this game has ever had a “stability patch” where the servers, game files, etc are updated. Many companies do this, make the game stable

Scopelys kind of a laughing joke as far as games go even for publishers

But remember its your fault now buy the new promo and the offers and keep surviving

Ive noticed losing server when I’ve been typing in the chat. Didn’t do that before the update

Well at least I’m not alone in noticing the lag on the game. And one day later I’ll get a new battery

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