Is the Forum broken?

I don’t seem to be getting new or unread messages showing up.

Is that just me?

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Same all night for me

Oh, changed the settings have been.

Uh oh the rts Getstepo is coming for me. If I disappear it was scopes doing.


It’s not broken, you were just in a better receptical the entire time, welcome to the suck

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Everything scopely touchs is broken

It’s not, Ras. I think they sent the cleanup crew at some point, because nothing was loading for me, either. If it wasn’t for you, I would have read the statement just an hour ago…
I think Scopely is trying to create that flash memory wiping gizmo from Men in Black, and they had a power surge in the server room. That would be the only thing helping them out of this. :rofl:

That’s just the kind of hero I am, Bogdan. You’re welcome. Now, look into this light…

I have my sunglasses on, so go at it! :sunglasses::sweat_smile:
And yeah, you’ve always been my hero, gramps! :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:

Anyway, with all the millions they have, you have a better chance of inventing that thing!
Just look at how they’re running a mobile game… do we really expect them to invent something that complicated?! :star_struck:

Ah! I’ve found the problem.

Some topics, for some reason, had had their status changed from “Watching”/“Tracking” to “Normal”. If you switch them back yourself, then you’ll get notifications again.

Watching like invasion of privacy(I know that doesn’t exist here)

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