Is the earth flat?


Drop that knowledge

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Ascendable Character?

No it’s shaped like a wood nugget :rofl:


What do we mean when we say the Earth is flat?
Let us remove an obvious point of confusion and simply state that we talk about flat in a broad manner - we are not discussing mountains or valleys here. In similar fashion, we are not making the ludicrous claim that the Earth is two dimensional. What we do say is that it can be transversed via a straight line through space. We would also like to say that all such traversals are straight or can be seen as straight. It can be said to satisfy this if it can be shown to be parallel to another straight line in space along all such traversals.


Lmao thanks for the input @tartan

@IronandWine i will check out that link when i get back from work!


Is this a serious question?


How do sunsets work on the spherical earth vs the flat earth vs the mobile earth… gasps


Where is this going?

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It’s 2018 right?.. right?


I am genuinely curious of all your thoughts… i like mystery


It’s not a mystery.




Why are there spherical earth maths that precisely work to foresee eclipses and moon phases, and there aren’t even any flat earth math (AFAIK)?


Why are the pull odds not disclosed… many mysteries of the world


Totally relevant argument :smiley:


Haha. Im not arguing either way, just encouraging further conversation on my way to work



This is how the earth looks.


Clearly those photos of the round earth are just good photoshop. We all know this is what Nasa astronauts really see…


fake, everyone knows we cannot go outside of the dome.


If you take the red pill you can.