Is the Eagle wheel spitting out singles for everyone?

Just take the freebies and move on. Earning mostly for faction just logging in and doing basic stuff.


Have done hundreds of pulls across multiple accounts, not one bag.
And nobody in my faction or region chat have pulled one.
Please someone post a screenshot of this unicorn of a pull :grin:

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If anyone’s doing the stats on this, I’m at 0/49.

Same here 0/49

No bags. Have pulled ascendable maggie (command) and ascendable guardian Rick

It does exist last pull of 49


Guess this means you will stop complaining about buckets? :smiley:

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I got Harrison and Maggie from there and I didn’t even know ascendable were in there.

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Not a chance a few 4*s won’t stop me lol🤗

Cool, in my last (7th) 7x pull I just got another 5* I was after - the human shield Michonne :slight_smile:

No bags in any of the 49…

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I also got Guardian Yellow Rick and Call To Arms Red Magna.

I got him too, but i already own 5 of him :sweat_smile: now at 88 Pulls. Straight up singles

I got a bag of 30x doc Stevens

Assume the 3* version…? :smiley:


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