Is the Eagle wheel spitting out singles for everyone?

Or is it only bugged for some like the torches and logins?

It’s giving out single 3 and 4 stars which aren’t an option. And only singles.

Can we be made aware when it’s fixed @TayTron please?


3* and 4* are options, even 2*.

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No bags of 3 stars are options same with 4 stars - check the wheel

It’s following the usual scopely odds: 20 pulls and all singles.

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Every single thing in that wheel is shown that matches with the odds list - nowhere are singles shown.
Since they are selling pulls on the wheel, it is either bugged or false advertising.

Let the wheel spin and you will see them :wink:

Yup it shows singles…maybe odds dont show bag drop rate

Yep you’re right, I cancelled the wheel too soon.

Scopely you are a bag of total f@#%¥s, utter douchebags. And to think - I was sticking up for your event and wheel just yesterday.

Dirty underhand and dishonest tactics to get money out of their playerbase. It’s possible to get the same money out of people without tricking them. Making sure that both parties benefit and you have more chance of getting future revenue. Business 101.


no need to take a mobile game so seriously


@TayTron please

remove characters 2 * -3 *

Basically it’s just a glorified basic token wheel.


Yeah i got all singles. Pathetic wheel really but I knew that from the start.

2700 Token equal to 27 Pulls all singles

Ignore these as a reward, consider anything that deops as a supplementary diet for your XP hungry s-class toons.

Main prize is the hats anyway…


Yep. They give us odds for 3/4/5* recruits but that could mean any quantity. Which is shady because the odds of getting 1 are clearly much higher than the bags.

all singles for me

Got an ascendable revive/shield Rick which is great and all but i’ve already got one

I’ve got all singles as well and I’ve done 2700

Yup all singles but odds of crates 1% so expected🤗

Aye but the way it’s worded is that it looks like the 1x character is 1%. You know… since it says 1x.


Yeah your probably right

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