Is the crappy Arenas purposely being fogged?

Do to Platinum rewards being better then Diamond are you changing\blocking the rewards for us? Surely there has to be 35 people in those top spots? Been this way for hours now.

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There are people in those spots, you just can’t see them

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So how to know what who to beat?

Mines like that too more than likely just another glitch you can chalk up to scopley not giving a shit and still trying to get every penny out of the stupid players that are still spending


You don’t…lol.

@Dahtree Not a glitch, it’s in the Arenas thread

Also how do you verify after it is over if top person really got rewards?

it is not a glitch it is a feature of arenas mode

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They unfog once your score gets closer to there’s… Not really sure why it’s like that



That’s just plain stupid imo

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I agree.

Yeah something weirds going on with it. When reviewing my defense logs, I click on players names who attacked me and I get “player not found” messages. Another player who attacked me was a level 9 player who beat me with a full 6* team in classic mode :laughing:

Before posting this it showed even being in 45th I was getting rewards still, it was just trophies, but I just went to check, still in 45th, but says “no rewards”

Not sure what the level requirement is for arena but I’m betting it’s over 15

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Seems that as you go up in rank, they become visible. I could not see the top spots at first but when my rank increased, they became “unfogged.”


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