Is the competition dying in your region?

From Talbot. Recently from the last solo event, it just seems like nobody is playing. Not even my faction mates. Normally, it would be a bit of a struggle to get into the top 100 and maintain it. But ever since the Wooden Nugget event came to a close, it’s drastically easy now, with the exception of Raid and faction tourneys where I pretty much end in the same terrible rank as always. I know certain people have the opinion that some tokens is a terrible prize and of course the dreaded level up tourneys and if that’s the case, I never would have expected people to flat out give up. So has anyone else seen this happening in this region? If so, do you like how easy it is to obtain toons. I know I sure as hell do. I’m expecting my second epic in only a few days.

My faction lost a member over the weekend so I decided to go to raids leader board and source someone else,last time i did this was 6 months ago,and I was shocked now with the amount of people with names retired,free wood etc etc not in factions,last time was the odd few but now every 10-15 people had one retired in there,I dread seeing another 6 months like this and my region dying like others are…

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Sad thing is the people in my region don’t seem to be retiring. Just not bothering to do the tourneys. It would be better if they did so honestly, I envy you a bit.

I left my faction this morning. Just not into playing much anymore except casually.


Kinda thinking about doing that as well. As far as team strength goes in Wars, it’s not that bad. But gotdamn, so many inactive people not growing their roster. And sadly, we don’t find good people. Maybe I’ll talk to some people on the side.

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All regions and app games for that matter have a life cycle. I’ve played app games for about a decade now so I’ve seen more than one rise and fall. As to The Walking Dead specifically, I think there are a number of reasons it is in decline.

  • The 6 star era was the beginning of the end for many players. Let’s face it, as far as the PvP aspect of the game, most players lived for the defends. Defending is nearly nonexistent in this meta.
  • The 6 star meta has also offered no diversity in team builds. There are essentially 4 or 5 viable leads out there and everyone is running some variation of those teams.
  • The inherent redundancy in the events gets boring over time. All app games suffer from this to some degree.
  • Weapons, although they are not as crucial as they once were, its a case of the have’s and the have not’s. Those who have been lucky in their crafting are generally pretty happy campers, those who have not been so lucky tend to lose hope.
  • CRW, this one will not be popular as I know it is a feature many enjoy. I enjoy it as well, but its a bit of a double edged sword. After the first CRW, many of the factions in my original region began to talk about sharing the crit territories. I understand the mindset here, share the wealth in hopes that we can better compete with other regions. But once you go down this road, you are essentially abandoning competition within your region and that competition comprises 99% of your gaming experience. In the current format we get CRW once every 4 weeks. I want to find enjoyment in more than 13 weekends a year. If the sole purpose of the game revolves around CRW, its probably time for me to retire.
  • Although the prize structure has been better of late, they were somewhere in between terrible and god awful for far too long.

Those are my opinions, none of them will even get you a cup of coffee. I was on the verge of retirement myself until I switched regions. The challenge associated with that keeps me going for now.


honestly, I think things will continue to trend this way until rewards are better. That includes ascendable toons as war prizes and better access to gear as prizes. Why does it take 2M in level up to get 1 piece of gear (of which we need several to level up a single 6 star to T4)? It’s slows the game down and people get bored of the grind. Takes weeks just to get enough to T4 a 6 star and even then, how much more effective is that in war? Back in the day, prizes for most events were 5 stars. Now it’s just gear. Feels like getting a sweater for Christmas.

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I am in nine different region and they are all dying

Thx scopely

Down in my region too. Outside of the top faction We Are Obsolute (wao) that cannot stop spending (don’t think they are cheating) due to pride or stupidity, participation is down.

I don’t think they are cheating because they don’t show the usual signs, having unreleased toons or crazy high scores.

Whole game is dead… Let’s be honest.


150 days of a 0 day login streak and still going strong. Popped by forums, see nothings changed, lol. Keep surviving folks, good luck.

Here is another reason which makes it hard to keep the game alive.

It’s nearly impossible for a new player to grind yourself to the top in an old region these days. Even if you spend massively leveling and ascending takes a substantial amount of time if you don’t have the resources from at least a year of playing.

Thus, no new players come into old region while there will be always players who quit (and in the second half of last year Scopely accelerated this substantially by their player hostile behavior and/or ignorance). Hence regions die.

Solutions are mergers or migration. Hope they make it happen.

Solution soon will be superregion, cause current game manager is not doing it right. Initials AW. He tends to promise and to go silent, that is his wei.

But frankly they should observe how candy crush is doing it, base is obviously not willing to remain in relation useless griding vs paywall + spicy cheating.

I can’t agree with you here. We have a crafting faction and everyone has benefited from it. Prior to 6*s there was no competition. One faction of spenders won everything. By winning everything they got stronger and stronger too, and playing the game was no fun at all for the rest of us.

It was this faction that suggested creating a crafting faction. I guess that winning everything without being the slightest bit troubled was pretty dull for them too. So the rest of us got to taste some weapon crafting success, and now they no longer win absolutely everything, just most things!

And yes, the advent of 6s wiped out most of their 5 advantage, but that’s just made for better competition within the region. They are clawing their way back with the Premier pull 6*s, but in the meantime the rest of us have had a little enjoyment from the game, and some weapon crafting success too.


Once again, I understand the underlying premise to doing this, I suppose I am a bit of an old school “purist” in terms of my gaming. The territory feature at its core, is meant to be fought over and earned. Another PvP aspect to the game if you will. if I were to play devil’s advocate to this thought process, I would ask why do the acts of altruism extend only to the crit crafting territories and not all other aspects of competition within the region? Why not let those lower level factions that never win anything also win faction and solo comps? Would this not make them stronger, and thus also make the region more competitive during CRW? At the end of day, I wasn’t in favor of doing a group hug with the same people I had sought to defeat well before territories were a thing. Once again, these are only my opinions and I am acutely aware how sensitive the crit crafting territories can be.

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I’ve noticed in my region that any faction below the rank of 20 does not have a full roster. Sure you might see a couple below that rank that are full. With war and CRW I see less and less factions joining in to play. I’ve been playing this game since it started. I remembered when Scopely first introduced war to the game. Is the game dying? I have to say I agree. For the past 6 months maybe even longer I’ve seen the decrease in factions getting involved and dying.

That is also very narrow sighted. Those other factions are not just your rivals, they are your community. If you take everything, win at everything, what is the point in others even trying? That’s one of the reason all these regions are dying.

The reason they aren’t dead yet is because some of the lower factions have made bonds with their members and still have fun together.

However, eventually they will move on, and all that will be left will be the Kings and Queens of the regions they killed.

It’s a sensitive topic for sure, one that many will undoubtedly have their own unique perspective on. I respect your opinion on the matter and I think we agree more than we disagree. To give you a bit of perspective that may or may not tell you what the goose stands for, I am nearly prestige 13 and I have never joined the number one faction, nor the number two, the number three… well you get it. If you are interested in my thoughts on the longevity and power creep as it applies to regions/servers you may find this interesting;

“This is precisely why I intentionally shun the top factions. People often find it strange that I would spend $10k plus on an app game and not want to win top prizes. It all comes down to your perspective. First and foremost on my mind is always the overall health and longevity of a server. Your healthiest regions are going to be those with a “quality spread” in terms of overall faction strength. While I find winning fun, I have never gotten any real enjoyment out of a blowout victory no matter which side of it I was on. I realize that everyone plays these games for their own reasons, but I have found that the “win at all cost” crowd ultimately only serve to destroy a region sooner than later. I personally prefer to play with players that I enjoy spending virtual time with and playing spoiler to those who migrate to the top. I do not fault those looking to better their station, I just wish that servers would not always end up with the hegemonic powers that stomp out all life in a region. I suppose its just Darwin’s law in an app game environment, but I will endeavor to persevere.”

I am too dumb to know how to link to that post/topic, but maybe that helps you understand where I stand.

Anyhow, the original post concerned people’s perspective on the lack of competition within their regions not a spirited debate on gaming philosophy. My apologies if I have struck a nerve or deviated from the topic at hand, I knew there was a reason I preferred lurking…


Don’t apologise, that is pretty much how I feel on the matter. I’ve never been a “win at all costs” person. My faction is a top faction, but not the top faction. We’re only as high as we are because we work so well together and enjoy playing together. The top faction doesn’t understand this. They think throwing about “enjoy being 2nd!” and “2nd forever lol” is an insult. That mindframe is a mystery to me. I don’t see the appeal in always watching what’s coming from behind. Topic derail over lol

I actually left the #2 faction in my region yesterday. Just got tired of it and wanted to go back to playing casually. Joined a lower faction that only has one other person in it that I was with in the #2 faction.