Is the 500 coin gone? I thought it said there was still 12 hours left?


Does anyone know what happened to the 500 coins for $1 deal? I had it and it said there was still like 12 hours left and now it’s gone. @JB.Scopely


My awesome Harlan offer is gone too.


I would like to know what happened =/


Still there for me…


It showed up for me first thing this morning showing I could buy 2. I bought one and it never appeared again


That’s how it was for me also. Told me 2 available, bought 1 and it disappeared on me


It’s funny how quickly they can fix a mistake when it’s in the players’ favor…


Always =/


And you haven’t bought it yet??!!


Not about to waste another penny on this game unless they bring up a good offer. With this, I’ll end up throwing them on pulls and I guarentee both will be 4 stars so no point. I’d rather keep getting my free coins from leagues.


yeah thought I could go back later to buy it but it’s gone now


Or u could use it on coins for this upcoming crw


My camp is just gonna get obliterated anyways so no point in giving the other team extra points.


Still I just don’t get it, it’s a great deal but do what pleases ya


Eh, if they were to half the price of the usual $10 deal then I’d consider buying but no point in wasting a dollar that won’t really benefit me


My friend bought it in many regions and did a 10 pull in his main.Maybe they took it down for this reason.


These coins are cursed lol, I did 20 pulls with them and all were 4 stars.


They stopped it because it clearly was a mistake. Since when do they maintain a deal like this?


Was probably only supposed to be for “new players” cough cough :unamused:
Anyway I managed to region hop and get it 5 times :joy::joy:


I did, and they were.