Is that warm rain?

Nope… it ain’t warm rain it’s just scopely pee’ing in my ear.

Don’t tell me there is no bucket and odds fixing when in my last 14 5* pulls I have had 3 yellow 5* limited edition dwights, 3 yellow 5* victors and then yesterday against my better judgment:

I have a fac mate who made a single 5* token pull and got a second shield Ajax


Working as intended… Check out the shop for more blazing offers!


:joy: ain’t that the truth

I haven’t had a single ascendable from that wheel in my last 30-40 pulls, if not more.
There are buckets all right… And most have holes in them… like ours!


From 2 regions combined, mostly from one though, I’m guessing I’ve pulled from the 5* wheel probably 60-70 or more times since it was updated. (Had tokens saved in my main region)
Not one ascendable so far. Got tons of dupes though… Heard a guy in my region pulled 4 or 5 on the first day and got Ajax and another…fkn buckets… Lol

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Ever since the new wheel update I got 4 red Carl’s 3 red cains and 3 red clementines only thing I have gotten was Knox

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Someone in my faction did a single pull, and he got Ajax. So that doesn’t surprise me… guess some people’s buckets have less holes than mine. :sweat_smile:


I’ve done 100+ 5* tokens pulls and haven’t pulled 1 camila or blue morgan yet but I’ve gotten all the others at least twice and I have an army of marlon and rosies


Used to love Marlon and Rosie. Great toon before the whole nuke that was Zachary…negan…sclass

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I apologise (sorry not sorry) to anyone who may have been offended by my accusation that scopely might be p**sing in people’s ears and telling them it’s warm rain

What I actually meant is that they are sneezing on our cornflakes and telling us they are Kellogg’s Frosties

Because scopes are doing… as Tony the Tiger would say… grrrrreat!


Who would fl@g this?

This wheel is again outdated I’m afraid, it’s S-class or don’t bother, save them tokens

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I currently have like 8 Ascendables from 5*, Elite and single Pulls.

Pulled my second Shield Ajax yesterday too and the day before I pulled Gen 2, Fast Evasion Alpha

I got a Camilla just after I bought one from Leagues,ever since I haven’t pulled another ascendable

I always get strong Zeke. I think that I have about two dozen of him now. I will be SET if he ever gets an ascension…


Can’t remember how many Sam Fairbanks Ive pulled in the last few months. It’s a lot.

In one week, I pulled her 7 times. Across 4 regions. 3… on the same day. There are definite rigged odds here, there’s no way that can be coincidental.

Similar numbers for Bo and Rod, as well.

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I wanted Marlon and Rosie for so long and finally got him just as he became useless :pensive:

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