Is that it for Survivors Club

Cake and Keys is this what we expected to pay for now ? Or are you going to put something else that is out of reach for most in the museum ?

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@GR.Scopely can we get done feedback on this please

It’s sad… they removed the toons the same exact time when axe event restarted (and we could get the 7th axe and 30 comics) smart of them… I waited for it to restart because it was not synchronized- it restarted ( after toons where gone) sad

You woke up 3am. Sad :frowning:

Yes - I believed that it will be possible with the greatest grind ever made, and I believed in Scopely @JB.Scopely - there was this gab of 1 minuet- so I thought at least they will give us the chance to choose someone after receiving the 30 comics, but no… they waited with axe until toons where gone.

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