Is that infection assault rifle from battlepass any good?

An impair on attack would probably add more value to Lilly tbf.
Aside from nightmare SR or a silly hard future roadmap, I can’t imagine this weapon having much value now teams are having infection counters in them.

On paper the weapon looks great but its a novelty weapon that niche team build everyone goes on about. Has no practical use doesn’t proc enough for mainstream use. (raids and wars)

But i like it and i have my plans for it.
You should be going for it because it has its uses and in time u never no.

Personality if i had the armory tolkens id put daze on the 4th slot +10% def make it a proper all rounder so its less off a window weapon.

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I really like the HP gain with these trader teams

It’s a fun gun to play around with. Situational and nice heal.

Imagine a survival character the likes of Willie, Trader, Yellow Mercer (or Doc) that noone can fully kill in SR, yet they deal pitiful damage. Such an infection gun might turn the table on nightmare SRs then, if they ever make an appearance again.

Other than that, the weapon is nice to win, but useless to score…

Trust me anyone who is a grinder in this game wants that gun just not for war or raids. And its the event end of week here more…

All but trader will self heal that amount of infection i believe but i get what ur saying on specially trader that weapon one on one.

It says “all but trader”

Yikes, my galaxy-brain is at it again…

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We all do it lol and my grammar is terrible at the best of time anyway.

I’m not yet convinced. In the process of getting S class Wang, so can see putting it on him to help out Traders (currently have 2 6*), but the fact it’s a chance seems too rng to me to be consistent and so not worth it. Won’t replace my main attack team, so what’s the point? Will get it in case it’s useful in the future

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Always love sticking things on my Wang…for fun i mean.

That said, i have in fact stuck it on MY Wang who is part of my Mateo infect team. Sooo, infect 4 t1, and shoot the one who didnt infect w Wang, then auto. If it proced they all go poof together. Fun fun.

The Problem is it can delay the already applied Infection and overwrite a 1 or 2 Turn Infection. Like this Infection Autoplay Team. From T2 i can Auto it. If there is no HR Resi or Dbl Tanya, Dbl Cleanse Trader it’s save Auto win. I gave Wangfa the Infection wep instead of Impair on Attack and he Infect the already Infected

Toons and extend the infection

I think it’s pretty decent on a mateo/wang inf attack team if you don’t have Trader as well.

This weapon will be great for the super hard Sr. Probably not much else though

Worked pretty well on Wangfa in Draft arena, with Trader. Can help speed it up a bit.

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Can’t go wrong with a 5* weapon among the gear and a s-class of your choice for 20 bucks

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