Is that infection assault rifle from battlepass any good?

im at 17800 points atm.

If you are going to run an infection attack at any point it is pretty useful for Wangfa. If you have already purchased the pass it is worth the grind in either case, even if only because it is a unique weapon.


i dont run an infection team, and i havent the battlepass yet

Sometimes yes. Other times no.

That weapon has no guarantee to proc. Most of the time I don’t expect it will make any difference in an infection team.

Way I see it, on a defence team it leaves a window, on an attack team it won’t kill anyone at best until far too late. Just talking on paper though - I should be getting it this week.
Could be decent when they finally bring back Nightmare SR though.

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If its not reliable then I think it its just a little additional. Not something you can build into a strategy. I may stick it on my wang and maybe expedite some matches I guess

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I wouldn’t run it on an infection team, or at least be very careful when doing so. The most common infection toons are Trader and Mateo. Their actives are 15% infection, the weapon is 25%. Higher amounts of infection overwrite lower amounts, no matter the duration. You could reinfect someone about to die next turn, and suddenly they stick around for way longer.

Probably still a good weapon to have, even if it will probably not make your main team. I wouldn’t buy te pass just for it, but it’s generally a pretty good deal.


Does that infection override logic only apply to different characters? (As in different characters applying infection to the same target)

I’m sure I’ve used Minerva to infect the same character multiple times, but the first infection does not get override by the new instance of infection, even if there has been some healing done.

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I try not to attack with Wangfa, don’t want him getting impaired or stunned R1 now do we

Not 100% sure here, but if someone got infected by 175% infection and healed some of it, then later another 175% infection would be applied, then technically it is the same infection so it doesn’t get replaced.

You can test it out with trader under a Guo lead where first infection would be partially healed by Pete - will Trader infect the target anew or not?

I just tested it with 6* Minerva’s rush (unleveled, 150%), Daiyu’s active (unleveled, 150%) and Mr Jones’s rush (200%).

Daiyu’s active was applied to a toon. On the turn it was about to die, and with some healing already done, I applied Minerva’s rush. The infected toon stayed at their current level of infection and died the next turn. On that turn, I had Jones rush against the second toon hit by Minerva. This time, the 150% infection with two turns left was replaced with a fresh three-turn 200% infection.

While there might still be some room for alternate interpretations, this suggests that replacement uses base values - an infection of a particular base percentage will not be replaced by one of the same percentage, even if some has been healed, but will be replaced by one of a higher base parcentage. Whether the toon doing the infecting is the same does not matter.

[ETA] This would also suggest that you can try to delay the effect of Trader’s active by having your infected toon attack him and hoping his weapon triggers, replacing a 15% one-turn infection with a three-turn 25% one. I can’t test this easily, but will try it out if I get the chance.


Thanks! It fits exactly with my expectations. Also, the Trader trick actually works, I’ve used that a couple times in the past. Lately I don’t because infection resides with my red Magna shield a d I always forget she’s infected and she simply dies on me trying to defend, lol

I thing it would have value on a taunt character such as princess switch it around and there is the potential of 3 enemies being infected while she is still putting damage out.

It’s infection on atk, not defense…

Pretty sure this is the case but I need to test to confirm for myself too

Oh pretty trash weapon then would of said alpha if it is green but only idea is pryia but she would just kill the person straight out anyway so pretty poor weapon.

Might craft the heal reduction at start of turn on it and stick it on Lilly. Not much, but some additional potential.

Yes, rather weak weapon, so put it on a supporter or medic…