Is that for real?





yeah its what you get


Holy shitio


I wouldn’t post this here in case its a bug and they fix it


Of course it’s a bug lol trainer gate 18’


I call bs. No way that’s not photoshopped. Tons of 2 and 3-stars I can believe. A bunch of Lilith’s and Uly’s when they are trying to sell one for $15 bucks? No way in hell.

Then you will also be short the required wood to run the other two maps so either way you’re still paying for it unless you are willing to forgo the toon.

So has any real player earned a turkey and can confirm or deny this?


No it’s true, a faction mate got a bunch of every trainer including Aden, Lilith, and active trainers


Shhh :shushing_face: (yes this is a sentence)


Good to know. Still not griding out all those beans. If this is not a bug and I have leftover wood at the end and somehow manage to collect 10k’s worth of beans I will give it a go otherwise I really don’t need the trainers that bad and I sure as hell don’t feel like it’s worth the grind. My region is full of * who refuse to drop d.

Best of luck to everyone who still has the patience and desire to raid and play yawnslaught.


40 pull right there take my money


I don’t get the point of this post.
(sharkhorse or horseshark)… Mmm. Okay?!


It looks like they edited it from before when I believe they posted the rediculous amount of trainers people were getting from Turkey map. To a shark horse lmao


It’s the next promo guys. Rumoured to be more OP than Lydia, Erika and Michonne combined.


By the looks of it – yes.


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