Is that blue chonne offer Guaranteed at final?

How much is it cost to reach Guaranteed offer and hows the odds before guaranteed offer?
anyone knows?

$175 and the odds go 10% 20% 30% 40% guaranteed.


Please don’t spend that much for bluechonne, she was OP when first released, but now there are better toons out there. Scopely selling her like this is probably because they are about to release an even better blue attack toon.


Who is better? And are these other better toons available in a guaranteed method or just on three wheel of misfortune?

She has been replaced on my attack team by Harper. It was hard to let her go, but until they let me use 6 toons, she will be benched.


Ok, there may not be much better for blue attack, but do you really see any issues taking out red toons in defense? The hardest teams to face imo are Lydia or Gabe lead, but with that said I haven’t played much for a while so I may be wrong. Yes, the wheel of misfortune will clean your card out and you’ll be left with crap, but I don’t see a ton of value in Bluechonne, and I spent to get two of her when she first came out, so it hurts saying that.

I still use her on attack against ranged, I use blue Carl lead, Mich, Mich, Rom, Rom, I barely ever lose a raid, doesn’t mean much though because I have had ftp faction mates take out the same teams with ftp toons as well.

I have no trouble with lydia teams using my two michonnes. You also need to assume anyone considering this offer which WONT EXCEED $175, probably doesn’t have a disarm.
So i highly recommend doing the offer if that’s the case. You and me don’t se value as we already have two.
You run attack set mods?

Harper is a promotional toon, so seeing as that can cost u anywhere from $5 to unlimited, and this offer can cost u $35 to a max of $175, i say buy it if u don’t have another disarm option.

Harper is a phenomenal setup toon. So i would give her the edge of Michonne as well


Yes, but for Lydia I find more value in using Bruce. The reason I don’t use Mich against Lydia is because a lot of teams have Tye behind Lydia and I find that hard to deal with. I also don’t have green Madison so I can’t make a green blue attack team. I use attack mods mostly, except for Carl, but thats because there isn’t much point in that.

I do agree if you don’t have a disarm though^

I have Bruce, but I just pulled mich from the winter wheel and she was the one I wanted. My melee att team can eat through Lydia/Carl/Garrett teams but using it against red zeke/Erika teams can sometimes be touch and go. Now I can feel confident bringing a blue-heavy range team to that party.

Cool story bro

Don’t have this offer. Is it only showing on some accounts?

But TY is guaranteed. This is a great deal for those who are looking for a revive!


He is trash and not worth 100 bucks but nokay

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,great deal’’ sure i dont wana eat for next 2 weks…

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Not getting near a top faction team unfortunately, however is still great for a mid-level faction team!

People arguing that 139 and 175 dollars for pixels in a (stale and sunsetting) mobile game is a great deal again. SMMFH


Is that Australian dollars? The offer just popped up here and its actually the first time I see an offer that is cheaper in Euroland.