Is SP Glenn still worth to get?


Other than command and ark+def

I got Shiva Lee Ugene to do similar stuff

For tons of unknown different legacy 6stars character
Coming soon(?)

For example SP Duane

And I skipped Wanderer and already have Ty

So Should I bring Glenn home? Will he make any big changes?

BTW. No discount.


Yes, he is definitely worth it


Yes very very much so


I asked similar question some time ago:


He is crazy op. Very handy.


Yes, then send him to me, Glenn would make some of my teams that much stronger :+1:


Got him from Lucky Tokens and he’s a beast


I can’t find Glenn for the life of me so I would kill for Glenn. So yes, he’s worth it.


Ascend Greens if this is Command Glenn. That’s it.


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