Is Solo Raid not happening?


Seems like it’s a no.


Well that’s some intentional bullsh*t like always thanks for a other level up considering level and sr mixed together is the dumbest stupidest combo they do


I had some cans I wanted to burn lol


SR sells more cans …


There’s a faction raid this weekend. Two raid tournies in a week sucks.


And a billion Level Ups gets pretty repetitive.


It’s not like last week they advertised solo raid and gave us a solo SR instead. Oh wait, no. That’s exactly what they did.

Subject to change…


Why do they include raid tournaments if they don’t give one?
As far as I know, this is the second time in a row they skip it…
It would be logical to give us raid tourneys cos of the event.


The exact point I was about to make. They launch a collection event where the drops are only I’m raids and then skip raid tournaments twice in a row. This company certainly put the “fun” in disfunctional


That’s exactly why we won’t get one, it would benefit the players, this way you spend coins to get sr refills and waste raid refills to finish the museum collection then need to use more cans again when they give us a solo raid likely right after the event finishes


Well, they can keep this up, but I wonder how many people are going to get sick of this and leave. Probably, there will be players who will adapt to this tho…
No respect towards players/customers.


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