Is she hacking?

Is this even possible?
She just reached prestige 10 so she hasn’t spended
Correct me if i’m wrong

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3 S Pete’s, max you can get is 2, so yeah hacks


I only spent on SC one time. And I buy menial things weekly like energy. I’m level 109 and prestige 10. No she’s just either doing scavs like crazy and buy small or something. That’s all.

Level 139, prestige 10, playing from season 1and she only have 3 petes, 2 priyas, 2 raulitos and one araav all of these are s class

If you think there is cheating use this link. They will look into it.

She could have spent a lot on collectibles and trainer packs if she’s only been playing for a couple of months. So In theory yes. Not sure about the comment re only being able to get 2 petes.

Please report directly to the people who investigate cheating. Opie provided the link. Closing.