Is she any good? Who’d y’all get?



She’s pretty good but my pull was a duplicate gov lol


I still don’t have Carl :frowning:

Keep getting that guy who looks like Moe from 3 Stooges from ascending my green 4*s…


another Kal.

5* version.

sigh. (my 3rd Kal)

I love my original, but did not need 2 more.

You win this round Scopely.


I got 6 star kal


My pull from today with my Cook account


On a attack-oriented team, she can kill yellows. Get some defense reducers and attack buffers and she’ll kill everyone.


She looks awesome decap all with her AR



Got 5 star Anna the other day, just ascended her this morning.


Congrats. Ty is a nice toon. Much better than my second. Got 5-star Andrea. For a fraction of a second I thought it was Erika. You know they put two blondes in there on purpose. Scopely loves to troll us.


Sad days here



She is def great imo, still on my atk/def team since I got her and can’t find a reason to remove her from either so far.
Very nice pull and congrats Connor~ (I really need to replay Detroit)


Congrats! Got him yesterday. Can’t wait to put him to use



My 3rd one… Yay me…


u can get cral frim ascending 4* green now


I got 5* Magna. Very happy about that one.