Is scopley listening?


No srsly I’m not kidding go chack vk right fkn now we are talking t7 and a Governor assault mine



I don’t know what any of that said but those reward bags look pretty awesome


This is the t7 gov bag
Can see a lot. Of. People liking this one


I’m curious about the toons available


One is probably that leaked tough negan


Well it’s vk there’s probs get leaked soon
But governor opens up like the possibility toons like Stevens lilly gabe martinez anyone involved in woodbury basically so never know who the toons well ne


I like it. More permanent content the better. Feel bad for the newcomers that can’t participate in these events with no preparation unlike everyone else


Yeah but a lot of help has gone to new comers a t7 with bags like that means who has to wait 2 years for Tara no one
And now we know there’s going to be a Governor we have a another 6* and depending o. There goodness I couldn’tld see this being embraced a very good step in the right direction for scopley


Fixed the title.


No they aren’t


So the T7 bag is cool.

Maybe Scopley will start dishing out some tickets as rewards? Will be worth more than the shit we get right now


:mage: o…O


Definitely needs increasing tenfold, other games you can run about 2-3 of these faction assaults a week. With this it’s once every 2-3ish weeks for such a low outcome, a new toon is very nice though. Only small niggle would be that this is the third 6* Gov we’ll have now, pick some new characters now lol


New additions to a game is great, but I am seeing tons of stuff coming out the woodwork that nobody has asked for. Either way, we will see what it is all about, we will roll with it, but we won’t overwhelm ourselves with it when the time comes when these new features roll out.

Besides all that noise, it is already pissing me off that I am at the top #1 mostly, sometimes 1-3 rank in the faction assault ticket daily contribution log and people that are at the very bottom or somewhere in the middle love when faction assault starts so they can be slimy and very greedy and take 1-3 in the ranks of faction assault because they only do phase 1-2 or maybe 1-3 and leave 4 & 5 for others to do in Tier 5 faction assault. (run on sentence :joy:)


They need to add flare guns to the depot. The amount needed is out of control.


I think the bag quality should all be the same or the people who contribute the most to the tickets should get the best bags.


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