Is scopely very very stupid or foolish?


My region is Columbia.Matching time is very long in CRW.I seeked to improve everytime.But not at all improved.This time too,My region is waiting veryvery long.Othr region’s faction match 8〜10.My region’s faction match 4〜5.This is injustice.We can’t enjoy CRW.




Stupid asf for sure


Stupid is as stupid does son.


Say anything!!


It’s like 5 am PST. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get answers for a while.


There won’t be answers. It the weekend and they dgaf on the weekends.


Scopley is like a koala in the rain.


Not matter how we complaint about cross reigons war… They still can’t fix the issue and keep open it…
Same mistake over and over until all players left and all employees received EDD check…


When Erika came out alot of people rolled for her.
I think they know exactly what they’re doing.
Maybe it’s not them who are stupid.
They don’t care what we say.
And we just keep putting up with it.
It’s either quit. Or suck it up.
I’m close to the quit option. :-1: